Touch Wireless Dimmer Remote for Single Colour LED Strip - 1 Zone


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12V Touch Single Colour 1 Zone LED Strip Dimmer Remote

I .Product Description
This system is a high-performance brightness adjustable LED touching remote
controller, adopting the most advanced PWM control technology, controlling all
brightness adjustable products with constant voltage circuit design, owning 50
grades of brightness.
It is also with the memory function(means the previous settings will be
resumed when power on again). Widely used in brightness adjustable LED
strip lights and other LED products.
Owing to the 2.4G high RF wireless remote control technology, it has the
characteristics of low power consumption, long distance remote, and strong
anti-interference ability ,high speed telecommunications, etc.
The remote looks fashionable, with simple and practical functions of brightness
dimming, the capacitive touch screen design makes the remote easy to use .
The modular design and easy screwed terminals enable the controller easy to
match with all kinds of LED lights.

II. Technical Parameters

Dimmable ~ Yes

Hours ~ 50000

Plug and play installation Smooth RF touch remote

Remote Size ~ 112x52x20mm

Power ~ 2 AAA batteries

Material ~ ABS Fabrication processing ~ Multicolour printing & UV varnish

Controller Size ~ 85x45x23mm

Voltage ~ DC12V-24V

Control Way ~ One

Zone ~ 1 Zones, countless additional controllers can be added and controlled as one  

Max Load per channel ~ 6A

Output connection ~ Common anode

Telecontrol distance ~ 30m


 LED Strip Touch Controllers

III.Functions of Keys

LED Touch Dimmer User Diagram
IV.Programming(Code Clearing and Code Matching)
Code Matching
For a new kit ( remote& controller), the remote can work only when it is
programmed to the controller.
Please follow the below instructions:
Confirm correctly connect the power supply, LED controller and LED load.
Press key 1 once within 3 seconds when power on again,the light will blink 2
times when it is done.
Code Clearing
The code can be cleared as needed.
The kit (remote and controller) will stay in the original state after code
clearing,and it can work when code matching is done.
Please follow the below instructions:
Confirm correctly connect the power supply, LED controller and LED load.
Press key 1 five times within 3 seconds when power on again,the light will blink
9 times when it is done. Attention: 1.The regular product for sale is a kit (remote and controller).
The user can re-programme freely as needed. One remote can control
countless controllers, but one controller can only be controlled by four remotes
2.Please check the battery installation and controller(totally discharge the
power), when you programme after switching off and switching on.


LED Touch Dimmer Wiring Diagram

VI. Attention
1.Please check whether the input voltage of the constant voltage power supply
is in accordance with the controller, and please check the connection of both
the cathode and anode, otherwise the controller will be broken.
2.Please do not connect wires with power on.Please switch on only when it is
in right connection and no short circuit.
3.Please keep your figure off the touching ring when installing the batteries, to
improve its sensitivity, and use the remote (3 seconds later) after the
installation.Please reinstall the batteries, if the touching ring is found
4.Please do not use the controller in the place with widely range metal area or
strong electromagnetic wave nearby, otherwise, the remote distance will be
seriously affected.

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